Grab It

Grabit Camera Sunglasses have a simple one-click start and one-click stop function. Simply wear the sunglasses as you normally would and hold down the button on the side for a couple seconds. Happy Grabbing!

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Edit It

Our set of preferred editing tools will help you manage all the videos you’ve grabbed. From simple video editing, to complex stabilization software, you’ll have all you need to be able to produce professional videos.

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Share It

Once you’ve got the shot, and made it into a masterpiece, why not share it with all your friends. Either post it to YouTube, and/or let people know it’s out there on Twitter and Facebook. The process is dead simple.

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The Big Idea.

Released in 2011 as the world’s first camera glasses, Grabit Glasses provide users with a quick activating video camera within the confines of a simple pair of glasses. The quality is amazing with a wide video perspective to catch more of what you’re seeing and a fantastic audio microphone that works flawlessly in a variety of conditions. Grabit Glasses come in both modern style sunglasses, and black framed clear glasses with a variety of styles.

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