[spoiler title=”For Parents” style=”fancy”]

Imagine years from now having some of the happiest moments of life captured for posterity.

From your baby’s first giggles, first words and first steps, you can easily capture them on quality high definition video, and share it with friends and family, or keep it to share with your children later.

Grabit Glasses are not just for those special moments, but also for the unexpected situations. We’ve all seen the videos of funny babies – and I know your little tyke has moments that would beat even the funniest stuff on YouTube.

From the infant months to the toddler years, there will be dozens or even hundreds of opportunities to grab unique moments that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

These glasses are also good for filming kids’ sports, school plays, family outings, and just about anything else you’d film with a camera or cellphone – just easier. Click and Capture.

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[spoiler title=”For Students” style=”fancy”]

If you simply can’t keep up with note taking in class, or if you want to capture the fun of a film class, or other creative coursework, students will love the Grabit Glasses. With a lightweight design, and UV protected lenses, you can wear them in or outside. If you are recording a lecture, the high sensitivity microphone will capture the lecturer, no matter how far back you are; and, with crisp 720p HD video, you will get a clear image when you watch the playback.

If you are taking several classes, you can record hours of video, and with 8 GB memory, you can save them until you are ready to watch. From a great photography class, to lectures that go on for hours, you can capture it all with this high quality pair of glasses, which is great for any student, and any course that you are courses you are taking.

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[spoiler title=”For The Office” style=”fancy”]


The modern woman has two lives; her personal and professional. For the business woman who is on top of everything, Grabit Glasses with built in one-touch record video camera only enhance her level of efficiency. Every business woman knows that attention to detail is the thing that accelerates success. With 8 GB memory and a 5 Megapixel camera and 720p HD Video, take pictures and shoot videos for later review. The Grabit Glasses’ high sensitivity microphone allows for excellent sound clarity.


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[spoiler title=”For Your Personal Safety” style=”fancy”]

What if there was a better way to capture moments without having to worry about carrying around a camera? When it comes to your safety, discretion and preservation is key. Not only are cameras and microphones noticeable, but if one of these items are damaged or dropped by you or someone with butter fingers, records can be lost in an instant.

But with Grabit Glasses, you can keep track of your surroundings from your own eyes! Grabit Glasses are the highest quality of glasses with polarized lenses that have UV protection. With a simple single touch, you can activate the 5 megapixel camera or 720p HD video at anytime. And you don’t have to worry about running out of memory. Grabit Glasses can hold hours of video with its 8 GB of memory that can be quickly transferred to your computer via USB. And finally, the high sensitivity microphone is able to record the sounds around you! Grabit Glasses are the top choice for those who have safety as their top concern.

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[spoiler title=”For Your Kid’s Safety” style=”fancy”]

Are you concerned for your kid’s safety but don’t want to hover over their shoulder 24 hours a day?
Let your kids document their days adventures, it’s fun for them and with a stunning 8GB of memory you will be able to keep an eye on them when they are out of the house. The stylish UV protected and polarized lenses with also protect those young retinas from sun damage.

Make school holiday boredom a thing of the past by allowing your little adventurers to make their own movies and documentaries!

The Grabit Glasses high quality 720p HD camera will give your budding film makers to let their imaginations run wild. The super portable, an easy to use one touch recorder and fast USB transfer is great for beginners and the hands free function allows for action filming.

Check your kids road safety skills!
It can be hard to gauge if your kid’s road safety skills as a cyclist are up to scratch. With these high quality sunglasses housing a 5 mega pixel camera and superior quality sensitive microphone, you can effectively assess your child’s solo cycling style and address any issues.

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[spoiler title=”For Those Special Moments” style=”fancy”]

If you have ever experienced special moments with family and friends you couldn’t capture, because you forgot the camera at home, you no longer have to worry about it. With the Grabit Glasses, you can record high quality, 720p HD video anywhere. The lightweight, UV protected lenses allow you to capture great video and images anywhere, so you never miss that special moment again. No matter where you are, you can capture image, and high sensitivity sound, plus the built in 5 megapixel camera allows you to capture still shots as well.

With 8 GB memory, you can save hours of footage; and, once you get home from the unexpected trip, or that special moment you did not expect to capture, you can easily transport the video and images. With the fast USB transfer, you can place it on your PC, and you can share with family and friends, almost instantaneously after you capture the footage.

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[spoiler title=”For Great Getaways” style=”fancy”]

You no longer have to bring a huge camera to record, or even a digital camera on your next vacation. With your Grabit Glasses, you can capture special moments, the finest sites, and every vacation shot, with a pair of glasses. Not only that, but the glasses will produce the best quality images, video, and sound. You can capture video in 720p HD, and you can capture even the softest sounds when recording, with the high sensitivity microphone.

If you want to capture several images of the family on vacation, or video of the trip, the 8 GB memory allows you to store hours of quality video, and save it for years to come. You can capture special moments with your family, and you can truly remember every vacation that you take together. With your Grabit Glasses, you can eliminate the cameras and recording devices, and you can capture anything with the one touch record feature.

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[spoiler title=”For Fun With Friends” style=”fancy”]

Going out with friends creates so many great memories. What if you could actually record them with sunglasses that have High Definition video camera in them? For fun with friends, you definitely want to have a pair of spectacles on hand that record and capture moments in time. With 720p HD Video, high sensitive microphone, and a 5 Megapixel camera, Grabit glasses can record a game-winning strike in bowling or your favorite moments dancing at the club with one-touch record.

With hours of video, Grabit glasses can record your friends competing in road races. With UV protected lenses, memories can be shot and recorded in broad daylight, such as a day out sailing or playing frisbee at the park. Fast USB Transfer and polarized lenses make this one of the most lightweight, high quality sunglasses with built in video camera that you’ve ever seen. It’s sleek, smart, and technologically up to date that it is an essential to bring for fun with friends.

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[spoiler title=”For The Rides and Road Trips” style=”fancy”]

Nothing better than a road adventure after endless days of hard work or study. You can let yourself breed the countryside’s fresh air and allow your eyes to truly see this majestic world we live in. You can just whistle your way to serenity and capture every moment that’s worth remembering with a mere one touch.

Grabit Glasses are perfect for the road, not only due to their UV protected polarized lenses, but also due to their 5 Megapixel camera and 720p HD video. You can have hours on end of great quality footage and photos from your road trip by simply clicking on these user-friendly glasses.

Nowadays, in the “decade of instant”, all things seem to pass at a faster pace and for sure there are a lot of fugitive moments that should last longer. They can last longer now, without having to set your phone or camera.

Weighting next to nothing, with 8GB memory, all the work will be done for you, so that you can enjoy your trip and effortlessly share photos and videos with your friends.

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[spoiler title=”For The Traveler” style=”fancy”]


When traveling, you want to capture everything. But, if you do not want to bring the camera around to each destination, the ideal solution is a pair of Grabit Glasses. With 720p HD video quality, a 5 megapixel camera, and high sensitivity microphone, you are never going to miss a moment of travels. Regardless of where you are, or what you want to capture, you can with your UV protected lenses. And, the lightweight frame makes them the perfect accessory to wear all day long, regardless of where you are traveling, or what sites you want to see.

No matter how many vacations you take, or how often you travel, the 8 GB memory is going to allow you to capture it all. And, once the memory fills up you can store these memories away on your PC, with the fast USB transfer port, and free up the memory card for your next vacation destination.

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[spoiler title=”For The Shopper” style=”fancy”]

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[spoiler title=”For The Adventurist” style=”fancy”]

If you are planning a last minute hiking or mountain biking trip, and want to capture quality footage, your Grabit Glasses are the ideal recording and image capturing device to bring along. Not only will the polarized lenses protect your eyes in the brightest conditions, the 720p HD video and high sensitivity microphone, allow you to capture excellent image and video quality of your adventures.

If you come across a site you never expected to see, or if you simply want to record your extreme sports adventures, you can now do so, with a one-touch record features, that are built into your sunglasses. You can capture hours of video footage, and with the 8 GB memory, you can store hours of footage and adventures. And, once the memory fills up, the simple fast USB transfer allows you to place that footage on your computer, so you can keep it stored, and free up the glasses for more adventures.

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[spoiler title=”For The Sports Lover” style=”fancy”]

If you not only want to catch the game in live action, but capture a recorded version of it for future viewing, your lightweight Grabit Glasses provide you this opportunity. They are versatile, can capture quality sound with the high sensitivity microphone, and with a 5 megapixel camera, can capture the best moves, from even the furthest distances. Whether you are live at a game and want to record, or want to record from your TV at home, you can capture any game, at the fastest rates, with the 720p HD video quality the glasses can record in.

No one has to know you are wearing a recording device when you put the glasses on. With a polarized lens, and UV protected lens, you can even capture games in the brightest light, with optimal quality. From professional games, to capturing your child’s first soccer game, these are the ideal pair of glasses to own.

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[spoiler title=”For The Paparazzi” style=”fancy”]

For paparazzi, who want to capture the most candid shots, you can now do so without ever taking a camera out the front door. Your lightweight Grabit Glasses not only capture hours of video, they also record in 720p HD video quality. This, along with a high sensitivity microphone will result in great image and sound quality. Whether it is day or night, the UV protected lenses will keep you covered, and you won’t have to tip yourself off, when stars see the other paparazzi outside with their cameras.

You can capture hours of video, or some still shots, and store them in the 8 GB memory which is built in to your glasses. And, with the glasses, stars won’t know you are paparazzi, so you can get up much closer, and capture much clearer image quality, and sound, when trying to capture a money shot, for some of the hottest celebrity names.

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[spoiler title=”For The Investigators” style=”fancy”]

If you are investigators and are looking for an invaluable investigative tool, you should consider GrabitGlasses. These lightweight glasses have polarized lenses that offer UV protection, so they can be worn indoors or outside. They feature a 720p HD video recorder and a 5 mega pixel camera with 8 GB of memory so you can take several hours of video. With the fast USB transfer option, you can quickly download the data onto a smart phone or laptop to be sent off to the office or to your client who is eagerly awaiting an update.

No one will suspect that you are recording them, and you can complete many interviews on the fly using the one-touch record option. The microphone contained in these glasses is extremely sensitive so you don’t have to be too close to the subject to pick up sound. Ignore those signs that say “no recording devices” and get the data and the evidence that you need with completely discreet and totally amazing GrabitGlasses.

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[spoiler title=”For The Lady’s Man” style=”fancy”]

When you are thinking about the perfect gift for the lady’s man, or even better if you are a lady’s man yourself look no further than Grabit Glasses.

With the look of hip sunglasses, but equipped with a 720p HD Video 5 Megapixel one shot record Camera and high sensitivity microphone the James Bond lifestyle has just became a reality! Its 8 GB memory will record hours and hours of video so no conquest goes undocumented. To top it off the Grabit Glasses are so lightweight they are as comfortable as a normal pair of shades.

They days of the clunky, bulky video camera are nearly behind us for the real Don Juan and other tech savvy adventure seekers too. Throw on your glasses, take your shots and post the best of them to Facebook, Twitter or beyond with simple USB transfer. The uses of Grabit Glasses are only limited to the Lady’s Man’s imagination, needs, wants and desires.

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[spoiler title=”For The Rock-Star” style=”fancy”]

If you live the fast paced lifestyle of a rock star, upgrade your style with a pair of Grabit Glasses! Not only are they stylish, but they come with polarized lenses and UV protection so your eyes are protected while you rock the room.

With just one touch, you can record your most fantastic moments with video and photography from your perspective. Grabit Glasses come with a 5 megapixel camera and can record video at a quality of 720p HD. Of course, living the rock star lifestyle means that always checked memory cards and clearing space may not be on your agenda. Grabit Glasses have not only hours of video, but 8 GB of memory so you can record your finest moments without the worry of running out of space.

If video and photos aren’t enough, you can add that extra special touch with Grabit Glasses’ high sensitivity microphone and record the full experience around you! With so much to offer, Grabit Glasses are the top choice for rock stars who want nothing but the best.

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[spoiler title=”For Your Creative Side” style=”fancy”]

Do you have a story to tell the world? Do you stand out in the sea of faces in today’s society because you’re unique? If you’re creative and have a need to express yourself, then Grabit Glasses are for you! Whether you want to set the standard of fashion trends, film the next blockbuster, take the next groundbreaking photo, you’re creative and need something that will give you that outlet!

Grabit Glasses come with not only a 5 megapixel camera, but with HD video recording capabilities (720p) with a high sensitivity microphone with recording settings that can be triggered with a single touch. When that special moment of creativity happens, you might not have time to dig through your bag and get your camera, nor can you worry about running out of memory. With the capabilities of storing hours of video and 8 GB worth of memory, you can take on a full project without worrying about running out of space. Once you’re done creating, you can easily transfer your files via USB.

Grabit Glasses are made from the highest quality of materials guaranteed to last through your creative brainstorms. They are lightweight with polarized lenses and UV protection, so where you decide to play has no limits!

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